5 Hair Trends That Are As Hot As the Summer

Summer in India can be cruel and as the season advances we all look for some ways to keep the heat at way. While going for a short crop is the oh, but so obvious choice during the summer because when it’s sweltering outside, it is next to impossible to not think about tying our hair up or sometimes even shaving them away. But, shaving cannot be a solution and tying your hair up, always might simply damage your hair and look. However, we might have some solution to keep your hair in trend yet keep the summer heat at bay.

Braided Bun

Braids and summer go hand in hand and if you are looking for something funky with a touch of elegance to go with that summer dress of yours, this hairstyle can be a perfect option. This will keep you cool, classic and elegant and keep the hair in place saying goodbye to summer heat. Add some accessories if you like and you are good to go.


Side Fishtail Braid

Be it for your ethnic or even a casual wear, a fishtail side braids works wonder to your look. Team it up with your kurti, saree or even skirts and denim and your hairstyle is bang on place. Go for a tight braid or a loose messy one, your look will be on point, no matter how hot is getting outside.


Half Bun

Agree or not, all thanks to Stark House, we are crushing badly on the half bun hairstyle. Perfect for summer, this hairstyle will give you a classic look with a touch of funk. Be it a braided bun or a messy half bun, but this look is surely a trending and must try hairstyle this summer.


French Twist Up Bun

Perfect for an evening party, a romantic date or even a wedding invite, this style can work with a gown, a flowing summer dress, a short dress and even a saree or a lehenga. So this solves more or less all your hair woes during the summer. Leave one or two strands loose to give it a messy touch and you are ready to look elegant and glamorous even during the blazing heat of summer.


Wavy Lob Cut

One trend that is going as hot as the summer heat is surely the lob cut. If you are looking for a haircut this summer, you ought to try this cut to turn the heat on. Opt for loose waves to add some fun to the look and your hairstyle will be perfect for any kind of occasion.


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